Anti Pollution Mask Totobobo Large

TT-01 (New design) Anti Pollution Mask Totobobo Large


Anti Pollution Mask Totobobo- Large Size

Suitable for most adult male.
Headstrap adapter included. Water-mark seal check.
ReShape to fit different face/nose/chin contour.
Filters pre-installed.

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Anti Pollution Mask Totobobo New Large Size (Earloop) = £25

– Cover nose and mouth.
– Supplied with single pair of 92% filters.

      • Comfortable for long hours of use.
      • Regulate moisture in dry and cool weather.
        • Hang around neck when not in use.
    • Tipping the scales at 20g, Totobobo is the lightest reusable respiratory mask on the market. Made from clear and flexible plastic, it can be easily cut down to fit the exact size of your face using a template printed out from their website, and it was still comfortable once we made the adjustments using a pair of scissors. The transparent plastic also means you can avoid the “Darth Vader on two wheels” look from some of its competitors. The white filter pads make it easy – and incredibly satisfying – to monitor the particulates that have been caught (the promotional material claims to reduce pollution 135-fold).

      Easy Seal Check

      Poor face seal is poor protection. Over 90% of 1500 tests of N95 masks failed due to users unaware of the leaks, According to a published study by Tongji Medical College, which conducted 1500 tests with 500 N95 masks on 50 Chinese.
      To help identify any leaks, we developed the “water-mark” method; the frost internal surface of the mask turns into transparent when it touches wet skin. The transparent water-mark makes it easy to identify any gaps between the mask and the user’s face. With Totobobo patented technology, ensuring protection and face seal is easy and accurate.

      ReShape the mask

      Not getting a good seal? No problem, let’s warm it up with a hair dryer or hot water to Re Shape the mask to make it fit better!

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