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Totobobo Mask featured in Independent 5 best anti – pollution masks for cycling.
Tipping the scales at 20g, Totobobo is the lightest reusable respiratory mask on the market. Made from clear and flexible plastic, it can be easily cut down to fit the exact size of your face using a template printed out from their website, and it was still comfortable once we made the adjustments using a pair of scissors. The transparent plastic also means you can avoid the “Darth Vader on two wheels” look from some of its competitors. The white filter pads make it easy – and incredibly satisfying – to monitor the particulates that have been caught (the promotional material claims to reduce pollution 135-fold). We found the thin plastic straps comfortable but prone to snapping, although a spare pair was included with the mask. You can choose between a Totobobo that covers just your mouth or one that also includes your nose. But, without an exhale valve that allows condensation to easily escape, the full mouth and nose mask does end up collecting moisture, particularly during longer or more intense rides.

Totobobo UK
by INFO on AUGUST 25, 2012
Good news for Totobobo customers in UK!
Our UK dealer Bojidar has launched the TotoboboUK site. Now Totobobo mask is available directly from UK, there is no need for long wait any more!
Demand of Totobobo mask in UK has been steadily increasing after an article “Cycling masks and the shocking results” by Claire in the highly regarded LondonCyclis blog by Andreas. The blog provides very useful insights about cycling in London.

“Buy a Totobobo and breathe easy – I’ve discovered just how horrifying London pollution is, and I value my lungs. Since I have been using my Totobobo my sore throat has disappeared – that makes me happy!”
– Claire, A London Cyclist

The growth of cycling community in London and UK has been ballooning over the last decade. Since 2005, more and more people started to join the cycling community due to various reasons. The controversial London city congestion charge introduced in 2003 causes many to switch to bicycle to avoid the congestion charge. During the suicide bombers attack in 2005, London underground service was paralysed. Many started to see bicycle as a robust alternative mode of transport. Along the way, continuous improvement of bicycle friendly infrastructure, active promotion effort by London cycling campaign and the introduction of Boris bike in 2010 fuel the development even further.

Demand of pollution mask follows the increases of cycling community. Not everyone need a mask, but for those with sensitive respiratory system or with heart condition, wearing an effective pollution can reduce their risk. Like Dr. Anil Simhadri MB MChir (Cambridge) MRCP (London) from UK, suffer from asthma and need to use a ventolin inhaler. He told us: “Totobobo masks prevent these pollutants reaching the airways and so help remove the “trigger” for asthma.”
Here in an earlier post, you can see a whole list of reasons from different people, why they choose Totobobo mask.

Customers in UK this is the fastest and surest way to get hold of our products.
Wait no longer, get your Totobobo mask directly from UK!
Tototbobo UK site: